A Day of Giving

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2 min readSep 27, 2023


Our fundraising day on 5 th August was a true celebration of Amma’s infinite love and grace and how this has manifested at the MA Centre UK. We had attendance from all over the UK, with people coming from afar and even getting up at 4 or 5am to make it in time.

Swamiji gave a beautiful talk focusing our hearts and minds on the role of the Centre in the UK. The benefits of our Centre are spiritual community and connection for devotees, as well as the benefit to society through the vibrations of love, compassion and peace. Ultimately our purpose is to support Amma’s humanitarian mission in the world.

Most of all, Swamiji reinforced the importance of our attitude in giving — that it’s not what we give, but the way we give. Whether it’s through financial donations, time or prayer, each and every one of us can contribute to growing the MA Centre for the benefit of the UK and
the world.

What really touched us was learning that the UK is the only country in the world to have received their Centre as a gift from Amma. ‘Amma’s House’ and ‘Amrita Hall’ were bought as a gift to us — the initial outlay does not need to be repaid. The outstanding loan is for all the work that was needed to upgrade and renovate the hall and the grounds to become the
beautiful Centre we have today.

Dave Mousley followed with an emotional and inspiring talk about the journey from seeing the property for the first time, having Amma’s approval and finally picking up the keys. All the way through to the extensive renovations that have taken place over the last two years
and the vision for what’s to come.

It was no surprise that our pledge request led to a huge surge in monthly donations — thank you to everyone who responded so generously on the day. This will help to pay off the loan as well as fund the extension of both Amrita Hall and Shanti House.

After a delicious lunch, Shalini inspired us to start our own fundraising campaign by sharing her experience of raising funds for the Mauritian oil spill, and Kannan put the FUN back in fundraising by telling his 5k run story.

We then split into 4 groups focused on different themes — Amma outreach through public events such as festivals, local MA Centre events and community engagement, Satsang outreach and Corporate sponsorship. The buzz in the room was testament to the ideas and enthusiasm people had to contribute, and by the end we had a series of commitments and
further ideas to build on.

These now need to be followed up and we are looking at holding a virtual event for all those who were unable to be with us in person on the day. Huge thanks to everyone who attended — watch this space!



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