Amma UK NHS Sewing Seva

Sudhamani had observed some of the neighbours earning their living doing tailoring jobs. Prompted by the idea to help others with the money which she might earn from tailoring, she now cherished a desire to learn sewing. Full of hope Sudhamani expressed her desire to her parents. Damayanti’s reply was discouraging ‘’You are not going to be sent to learn sewing, you will soon be given in marriage to a coconut climber!’’

Sudhamani persisted, nevertheless, until her parents allowed her to learn sewing for one hour a day, with the condition that she complete all the domestic chores before leaving the house. On those days Sudhamani’s routine was astounding. Somehow, she would manage to complete the chores which had to be done before noontime, and then race off to her sewing class. In the scorching heat of the midday sun, Sudhamani would walk two or three kilometres to the sewing class. After one hour she would dash home to serve the noon meal.

Whilst sewing in the chapel workshop Sudhamani became immersed in devotional singing and shed tears which would fall on the sewing machine…. Sudhamani was absorbed in her devotion. When her sewing was completed, she would go to the church graveyard to do her embroidery. She would talk to the souls drifting along in their subtle bodies and would sing a sorrowful melody for their peaceful rest.

Sudhamani was adept at tailoring and earned a good wage. Without giving even a paise to her house, she used her earnings only to help the poor.

(Masks kindly modelled by Christine and Alia)



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